Elite plumbing solutions tailored by us, for you.
Tempered water systems for industrial safety
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Featuring Tankless Electric Water Heaters from Chronomite and Emergency Drench Showers from Acorn Safety.

What we do

Elite plumbing solutions tailored by us, for you.

A division of Morris Group International®, Acorn Engineered Systems provides tailored water tempering and delivery solutions for a variety of industrial applications. By combining engineering know-how with a broad line of safety products and innovative plumbing design, we help to keep facilities safe and secure while providing endless tempered water to emergency drench systems.

Each facility is unique, and will face its own plumbing challenges. We work directly with design engineers and end users to design and customize a truly tailored water tempering system for your facility.

Direct consultation with you ensures comprehensive analysis of your facility’s needs. As a division of Morris Group International, we have the unique advantage of eliminating the need to go to multiple companies to ensure the perfect solution. We work closely with other MGI divisions to make sure you have what you need, when you need it most.

How we can help

We understand that accidents in the workplace happen. While we hope you never have to use your safety system, we know how important it is for our equipment to work when it is needed. We address several factors that are critical to ensure that our equipment will function properly in a time of need, including location, water pressure, temperature, flow rates and duration.

The Acorn Engineered Systems team will guide you firsthand through all necessary requirements to develop and deliver the most effective water delivery solution. Water delivery systems can include booster and recirculation pumps, tankless water heaters, hot water tanks and mixing valve systems. Regardless of specific challenges, our team will work with you to develop the solution.

Casey Hayes
Casey Hayes

Vice President/General Manager

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Safety Systems

Emergency Water Tempering Safety Systems distribute tempered water during an emergency, when time is a factor and immediate water irrigation can decrease the severity of workplace trauma and injury.

Individually customized to fit the needs of each facility, safety systems are skid or strut mounted and are designed for all environments. Acorn Engineered Systems provides safety solutions that simplify installation and maintenance, meet safety and regulatory requirements, and work with space limitations.

Skid Mounted Emergency Water Tempering System
Features & Benefits:
  • Skid or strut mounted models
  • Recirculating and booster pump sizing
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Ideal for all climates
  • BAS integration
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Upgradeable with Acorn BASyC™
What is Acorn BASyC™?

Acorn BASyC™ provides distributed control and monitoring of a wide array of pressure and flow sensors for the tepid water system. This is ideal for facilities that are looking to provide optimal bather safety and the added protection of advanced monitoring and BAS integration.

For more info, download our Acorn Controls® BASyC Flyer
Antimicrobial Agent Standard

The Emergency Drench Equipment with ABS plastic contains an antimicrobial agent that prevents bacterial growth.

Indoor Safety Systems

Indoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-13001100
Skid Mounted Tempering System
  • Complete system pre-piped and wired for single-point electrical and water supply connections
  • Storage tank features an adjustable temperature immersion heater
  • ET71 tempering valve extends the output of tepid water
  • Alarm with flow switch and light to alert personnel when shower is in use

Indoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-12001111
Pumping Systems
  • Configurable with a booster pump that combats low water pressure and system pressure loss
  • Recirculation pump ensures all points on your loop have access to tepid water
  • All pumps are sized to your system requirements
  • Fully customizable to your specifications

Indoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-11011100Antimicrobial
Skid Mounted Tempering System w/ Drench Shower
  • Complete system pre-piped and wired for single point connections and mounted on a stainless steel skid
  • Integral S1360 combination drench shower and eye/face wash meets ANSI Z358.1 requirements
  • Alarm with flow switch and light alerts facility personnel when shower is in use
  • All required gauges, fittings, relief valves and expansion tank are included to ensure proper installation, maintenance and performance

Indoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-Custom
Strut Mounted Tempering System
  • Storage tank shipped with union connections that match pre-piped system
  • Instantaneous water heater provides standby hot water to the tank, as well as to the mixing valve during operation
  • ET71 tempering valve extends the output of tepid water
  • Fully customizable to each application
For configuration help, download our Indoor Systems Configuration Guide.

Outdoor Safety Systems

Outdoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-20211200Antimicrobial
Outdoor Skid Mounted Tempering System
  • Equipped with a Chronomite® Electric Tankless Water Heater, providing instantaneous tempered water
  • Can be supplied with an Acorn Safety® Drench Shower. All components handled with a single water heater
  • Fully customizable to fit the needs of each industrial workspace
  • Pre-piped and wired for single point electrical and water supply connections

Outdoor Safety Systems MODEL NO. STS-24011300Antimicrobial
Outdoor Booth Tempering System
  • Shower booth is an all stainless steel construction. No wood utilized
  • Freeze protected with the use of a space heater
  • Multiple tempering options, including tank and tankless options
  • Alarm with flow switch and light to alert facility personnel when unit is operating
For configuration help, download our Outdoor Systems Configuration Guide.

The Industries We Serve

Acorn Engineered Systems works directly with each facility to customize and manufacture the perfect water tempering solution for multiple industries. From securing high-traffic manufacturing plants to providing the safest tempered water layout for healthcare facilities, we start with a blank slate to ensure a truly tailored solution.

Who we are

One-stop Shop

Various divisions of parent company Morris Group International work closely with Acorn Engineered Systems to deliver safe and responsive tempered water solutions that are easily customizable for each facility’s individual needs.

Acorn Controls is the industry leader in safe showering and tempering products designed for the most challenging demands of commercial and industrial facilities, with products ranging from thermostatic mixing valves to supply fixtures for emergency drench equipment.

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FirePro manufactures an all-encompassing line of fire protection equipment, ideal for industrial safety applications. With an extensive array of fire monitors, nozzles and hydrants, Fire Pro encourages a safe work environment.

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Acorn Safety helps to keep workplaces safe and secure with emergency drench showers, eye washes, eye/face washes, emergency tempering systems & valves, portable eye washes, skid systems and more.

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Chronomite is the industry leader in point-of-use electric tankless water heaters. By heating water quickly and only when it is needed, Chronomite water heaters offer water and energy savings, resulting in lower maintenance and operational costs.

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Meet the Team

Casey Hayes

Casey Hayes

Vice President/General Manager

With over thirty years in the safety shower and eye wash industry, Casey brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the Acorn Team. As an experienced Mechanical Engineer, Casey can work with customers on tepid water system development and all products under the Morris Group umbrella, including fire monitors, drainage equipment, vacuum plumbing systems, and general plumbing equipment.

Jim Graves

Jim Graves

Vice President - Morris Group International
General Manager - Acorn Controls & Safety

With 28 years of experience in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, HVAC and plumbing/mechanical industries, Jim has been designing valves and controls for over 16 years and has been awarded multiple patents. He has helped to improve and create many of the standards required by our industry today. With Acorn, Jim develops and launches thermostatic mixing valves, key products included with Acorn Engineered Systems.

Ed Fabrizio

Ed Fabrizio

Vice President & General Manager - Chronomite

Ed has been working in the engineering industry for over thirty years, with experience in instantaneous water heating, aerospace and industrial engineering. As the head of Chronomite Electric Water Heaters, Ed helps develop and implement customized tepid water delivery systems designed for Acorn Engineered Systems. Ed holds 9 patents for instantaneous water heating and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Cydney Brookshire

Cydney Brookshire

Vice President/General Manager – FirePro

With over 20 years of experience in executive sales for the firefighting equipment manufacturing industry, Cydney steers the daily operations for FirePro. As head of the FirePro division, Cydney spearheads product launches and implements innovative sales tactics to build a high-performance team of engineers and sales representatives.

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